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Everyone that hates on Secret Garden must have done one of these things:

Back and forth mood giving you a wiplash? Then you forgot to put your seatbelt on. Try a neck cushion too, for good measure.

Cliche and same old rich dude poor girl story? Then you either watched it cross-eyed or you forgot to put your glasses on.


After SG ends and I've done a re-watch, I'll probably do a review on it.

Gonna make my first post in ages, I just had o put this up. Watching Mary stayed out all night and loving it to bits. It's simply just great :D However, during ep 2 I found something interesting...



Been busy all day, my nephew's baptism and such but just had to great someone before the day ends here, Happy Birthday kisame_widi :D

Mother's day in Sweden. I love you mom ^_^  <- Jag älskar dig mamma ^_^

I've missed alot of birthdays but I aint gonna miss this one! Happy Birthday Joo Ji Hoon! Without doubt my favorite korean actor :D
...I need to stop watching doramas like this and start studying more because soon I'll be in deep shit for sure -_-
Finished watching The Devil, the best drama thriller I've ever seen O.O It's very clever, every episode is brilliant and on top of that it got both Joo Ji Hoon and Shin Min Ah, I mean that girl is just so freakin pretty X_x Joo Ji Hoon's acting is beyond imagination and I thought he was well good enough in Goong o.Ô

Enough of that...

My oldest brother and his girlfriend asked if I could be a godmother to their son(their 2nd child). Hell Yeah! I'm more than glad :D:D:D:D:D

Soon I'm turning 18, adult, just a couple of weeks left. I really need to study more -_-

Oh, and my childhood friend(from 1yrs old)Sebastian's band The Loyal is working on their album :D It is planned that they are going on world tour. I haven't seen them live yet myself, though ;_: Oh well, just a matter of time ^_^

Current Mood: blankblank

Last week I got a nephew :D :D :D I saw him for the first time today and I´m telling you that kid is huge! ;D 53 cm and 4760 grams O.O Seriously the cutest thing I have ever seen in a very long time! =3  *extremely proud*

Snow, snow, snow and snow -_- Can you disappear soon?

DBY... I have the exact same phone model  -_-

Pureboys.... I have no words ;_: I bet Amesuta is going to have alot of awkward silent moments now...

Dream Live 5, now that is good news~

18 in a couple of months *sighs*

Current Mood: goodgood

So I´m kind of not active but I´ll be back any moment ^_^ ...Oh, got bruised today. Not badly though, it hurt mostly at the very moment of  impact. But that´s to be expected when you have 300 kg run into you... My horse got scared when we were walking ^^; But I´m used to it and she didn´t purposely hurt me so it´s alright ^^ 

Good night ^_^


 I have re-installed my computer ^_____^ 
Going to take some time to install everything back >_<

Didn´t ride my horse today... it was raining like woah o.o 

So sleepy...

Current Mood: sleepysleepy

Someone willing to explain this? Is he sick? o.O 

Tomorrow will be ehm...fun? lol I´ll probably be beaten to death or close... ;D I´ll break my horse tomorrow ._. Good bye my friends T_T Wish me good luck >.> Ahaha, no it´ll be fine, I´m sure ^_^

ILU Freddie *_____* Isn´t he cute? :3 


It´s less than 1,5 hours to the new year and I´m sitting here? o.O I lurked blogs, lol! I haven´t been this stuffed since... well christmas >.> Too much food XD
Soon I´ll watch fireworks :D 
Next year I´ll turn 18, woa! O.O
So what do I promise for 2008? ...I have to think about that, I´ll tell you next year ;D  

Happy New Year Everyone!

Current Mood: bouncybouncy

 I´m getting a MVG on English A YaaaY!! :DDD ...the highest grade in Sweden ^^;
I do not want to go to my horse today, it´s so cold >_< and I have barely slept this week so I just wanna sleep right now ^^; ...gotta convince my mother to call me in sick or something >.> 

Happy Birthday angel_jocelyn

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